Kenny Lynch    EP Columbia   7EG8881     UK   mint   20,=
Buddy Holly EP: Heartbeat   Coral FEP 2015  UK    mint -/-      20,=
Elvis presley EP: Elvis    RCA EPA 992  USA   mint -/-    20,=
Buddy Holly EP:Buddy by requestBuddy Holly EP:Buddy by request     Coral FEP 2065     UK   Exc.       25,=
Little Richard EP:She's got it + 3             London REO 1071   Exc.-/-     20,=    french
Bobby vee meets the Crickets EP met: Someday/Bo Diddley/Peggy Sue/I gotta know   Liberty SLEP 2116  UK Exc.  25,=
Paul Anka(& Micki Marlowe) EP
Singing the Hits  ABC Par.EPA5510
m -/-   dutch        15,=
Simon & Garfunkel EP  CBS EP 6053
Wednesday Morning 3 a.m. (+3)
Exc. -/-        9,=
Chuck Berry EP:Bye bye Johnny/Rock and roll music+ 2   Pye Int.nep 44013   uk   exc.-  15,=
B.Bumble and the Stingers EP: Bumble boogie Top Rank tep 165  Exc.-    15,=

Bo Diddley-Hey Bo Diddley/Before you accuse me/Hush your mouth/I'm looking for a woman    Pye Int.NEP 44014  Uk Exc.   25,=
Marina speaks   21 century records   mint  15,=
Fats Domino EP:My blue heaven/I'm in love again/So long/When my dreamboat comes home   London reu 1062(triangle) M -       25,=
Four Pennies EP:Da doo run run/Why do you cry/Pony time/Claudette  Philips BE 12570  UK      M   15,=
Freddie and the Dreamers EP:Silly girl/Little bitty pretty one/In my baby's arms/She belongs to you  Columbia seg 8403  M   20,=
Bill Haley EP:Razzle dazzle/Two hounddogs/ Burn that candle/Rock a beatin'boogie  Brunswick OE 9214    M  15,=

Cascades-Rhythm of the rain/Shy girl/The last leaf/Let me be   Warner br.WEP 6106 Uk   Exc.     25,=
Buddy Holly EP:Look at me/Ready teddy/ Words of love/Mailman bring me no more blues  Coral fep 2044    Exc.   20,=
Buddy Holly EP:Listen to me/Peggy Sue/I'm gonna love you too/Everyday     Coral  fep 2002(triangle)     M   20,=
Buddy Holly EP: Listen to me/Peggy Sue/ I'm gonna love you too/Everyday    Coral FEP 2002     mint -/-   20,=
Ricky Nelson EP: Ricky     Honeycmb/Be bop baby/Boppin' the blues/Have I told you lately    London REP 1141(triangle center) UK      Exc.     20,=
Eden Kane EP:Well I ask you/Get lost/I'm tel-  ling you/Before I lose my mind   Decca dfe 6696     excell.--     20,=
Brenda Lee EP:baby face/Just besause/Ballin' the jack/Tootsie goodbye    Brunswick 10175  epb     vg++       15,=
Diamonds EP:Presenting The Diamonds: Little darlin'/The church bells may ring/ka ding dong/Soft summer breeze    Mercury MEP  9515   UK    mint -/-   25,=
Roger Miller EP:King of the road/Dang me/Got 2 again/Chug a lug  Philips 434552BE   M  15,=
Platters EP:My dream/The mystery of you/ Dancing partner/On my word of honour   Mercury MEP 9524  M   15,=
platters EP:You are too beautiful/Mean to you/ Darktown strotters ball/No power on earth  Mercury MEP 9526    M   15,=

Everly Brothers-The wayward wind/Little old lady/Now is the hour/When I grow too old to dream   Warner Br.WEP 6117   Uk  mint    25,=
Cliff Richard EP:Apron strings/My babe/Down the line/I got a feelin/Jet black/Baby I don't care    Columbia seg 7903  exc.    25,=
Little Richard EP:Slippin and slidin/I'm just a lonely guy/Heeby jeebies/She's got it   London re-o 1071(triangle)    M --     15,=
Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels EP- Jenny take a ride/ Baby Jane /Little latin lupe lu/I hope    Stateside SE 1039  Exc.--  25,=
Wout Steenhuis EP:Hawaiian twilight/Moon river /paradise/Hawaiian wedding song    Columbia seg 8487   M    10,=
Wally Stott EP:Jingle bells//The first Noel /Good king Wenceslas/Silent night   Philips bbe 12144   M --        10,=
Tornados EP:Ridin the wind/ Dreamin on a cloud/Earthy/Red roses and a sky of blue  Decca 454092    M   15,=
Billy Vaughn EP:I can't stop loving you/Lonely bull/Roses are red/Go away lttle girl    London red 1395      M         10,=
Bobby Vee EP:Rubber ball-Everyday-Devil or angel-Since I met you baby   London reg 1278  exc---    15,-
Hank Williams EP:Just waitin'/Why don't you make up your mind/Everything's ok/I've been down that road before    MGM EP 551    M     20,=
Hank Williams EP:my bucket's got a hole in it /Baby we're really in love/Honky tonk blues/ I'll never get out of this world  MGM EP 614      M         20,=
Hank Willams EP:Nobody's lonesome for me/ You win again/Why don't you love me/Take these chains from my heart  MGM EP 639    M      20,=

Ventures-Secret agent man/Get smart/The man from UNCLE/Hot line     Liberty LEP 2250    Uk  Exc.-      25,=
Bern Elliott and the Fenmen EP    Decca DFE 8561  UK    Exc.   20,=
Little Richard EP:Little Richard sings   His name's so sweet/Sorrow valley/Take my hand/Shilima Jive        Summit ISE 2049 Exc.   15,=
Del Shannon EP:From Del to you      From me to you/Dream baby/Runaround Sue/ Hey baby   London REX 1387  Mint   20,=
(Frankie Lymon)and the Teenagers EP: Love is a clown/Teenage love/Am I fooling myself again/I'm not a juvenile delinquent  Columbia SEG 7694     Mint      25,=
Johnny Preston EP:Johnny "Running Bear" Preston     Running bear/My heart knows/ Cradle of love/City of tears      Mercury ZEP 1078   UK    Exc.       40,=
Cliff Richard EP:Angel      I only came to say goodbye/Angel/On my word/ The minute you're gone     Columbia  SEG   8444    UK    exc.   20,=
Pat Boone-sweet little sixteen
Jimmie Rodgers-English country
garden    Lawrence Welk-Moon
river   Billy Vaughn-Pearly shells
Dot DEP 20100   UK  in mooie
staat    9,=
Brach Boys Hits EP:Help me
Rhonda/California girls/The
little girl I once knew/Barbara 
Ann.  Uk Capitol EAP1-20781
In mooie staat.    15,=
Beatles-Nowhere man      
Drive my car/ Michelle/You
won't see me/Nowhere man
Parlophone GEP 8952  UK 
Exc.  25,=
Beatles Hits EP:From me to
you/Thank you girl/Please
please me/Love me do.
UK Parlophone GEP 8880.
In mooie staat.   9,=
Eddie Cochran: Somethin' else/
Cherished memories/Jeannie
Jeannie/Lovin' time     Liberty
LEP 2163 F    Mint   30,=
Gerry and the Pacemakers
EP:How do you do/Aawy from
you/I like it/It's happened to
me.  UK Columbia SEG 8257.
In mooie staat.   15,=
Cowboy Copas:Country Hits
Sunny Tennessee/Sal/Seven
seas from you/Signed sealed
Stateside SE 1003  Uk  1961
mint     20,=
Johnny Burnette:Little boy 
sad/Dream lover/You're sixteen
/You're so fine   London RE-G
1291     Uk     mint -/-   40,=
Elvis Presley EP:Follow that
dream/Angel/What a wonderful
life/I'm not the marying kind.
UK RCA RCX 211.  In mooie
staat.   10,=
Jim Reeves EP:Just out of
reach/I'de fight the world/ I
never pass there anymore/
After loving you.  UK RCA
RCX 7131. In mooie staat 7,=
Cliff Richard EP:Lucky lips
/It's all in the game/I wonder
/Yor eyes tell on you.  UK
Columbia SEG 8269.  In
mooie staat.   15,=
Cliff Richard EP:Evergreen 
tree/You and I/I cannot find
a true love/She's gone/I'm
gonna get you. UK Columbia
SEG 8065.  In goede staat.
Connie Francis EP:"First
lady of Record":Everybody's
somebody's fool/Teddy/My
heart has a mind of its own/
jealous of you. UK MGM 742.
in mooie staat.  15,=
Connie Francis EP:"Sings
italian favourites":Anema 
e core/There's no tomorrow/
Ciao ciao bambina/Arriver
derci Roma.  UK.  MGM 760.
In mooie staat.    15,=
Connie Francis EP:"Connie's
American Hits":Hollywood/No
one/Dreamboat/When the boy
in your arms. UK.  MGM 769.
In mooie staat.  20,=
Connie Francis:"Connie
Francis Favourites":
Together/Someone else's 
boy/Breakin in a brand new
broken heart/Too many rules.
UK.  MGM 759.  In mooie
staat.   20,=
Connie Francis EP:Lipstick 
on your collar/If I did'nt care/
Frankie/If you love me 
tonight.  UK MGM 697.  Exc.
Billy Fury EP:Am I blue/
Wondrous place/That's
enough/What am I living
for.  UK Decca DFE 8558.
Mint.  25,=